3 birds in the hair

Kya made me a kawaii illustration c:

I’m writing a spooky story to share on Halloween inspired by some Bigfoot Paddling/Canoeing thing in Texas I found. It’s not Halloween-themed, per se, but it has to do with thrilling adventures and what could go wrong, which is something I personally find to be quite spooking.

I haven’t been writing stories as much as I’d like, but I’m going to get back into it…

In the year 2015, I want to write at least five six[1. Not a fan of the number five. Six also fits the blog better.] prose pieces (published to 6birds, of course). With the number at six, that allots one story per two months. My short stories tend to be around 3000 or so words, so I think it’ll be fun. 🙂

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Comments on this post

I was going to try it with 6birds, but it looked a bit over crowded. 🙁

That is great that you are going to do more writing and the story sounds like it will be very interesting! I would like to try writing scary/horror because I love watching those kind of movies. ^^;

I am sure you can write six pieces. 😀 I am looking forward to reading the coming works. ^^;

That’s such a cute illustration! 😀

I’d love to read your story when you post it. I haven’t written in a long while, and I really miss it. But I don’t know, I suffer from serious self-doubt and writing amplifies it.

Good luck on writing six pieces! I’m sure you can do it.

I would love to read some of your writing, especially something that has a suspenseful/creepy theme to it!

Love the illustration, it is so cute! Good job to Kya.

Your spooky story sounds really interesting, I would love to read it.

I like writing period. Spooky stories sound great! I wanted to go to a haunted house/hospital this year but everyone is too scared.