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Saturday I went to Denny’s with my mom and two siblings (Carrie and Patrick). We all practically shared our food with each other. It was fun and funny. πŸ˜› Afterward we went to Payless to find school shoes for Carrie and Patrick. Since when is Payless expensive? They had shoes for $20 and up. I remember when Payless sold shoes for MAYBE $20, but mostly between $5 and $30. Now it is like Payless should really be Paymore.

Anyway, we went to Wal-Mart after we went to Payless and Mary and Chris found some shoes. My mom bought groceries for dinner. I was exhausted. There’s something about shopping with kids that just wears you out! “Mommy, can we get this/that?”

My mimi bought paint and is painting the front living room. She is turning it back into a dining room. The ceiling is about half way done. Then we have to paint the trimming and the walls. My mom and I tried to finish it off, but painting is a lot of work. I never knew how exhausting it could be!

Yesterday was the fifth Sunday dinner. Someone had brought mashed potatoes that … well, I don’t think they were called mashed potatoes. Maybe more like creamed. They didn’t look mashed potatoes, either. I tried Chickpeas for the first time. Someone brought them and I thought that they were a type of Lima beans. :O

Long story short, now I like Chickpeas.

If you want to chat with me instead of commenting my blog each time, then e-mail me. I think it would make both of our lives a lot easier. o.o There are quicker replies, and a lot of people are merely chatting with me rather than reading. I would rather e-mail you. πŸ™‚ It’s one-on-one and just … so much easier for me. πŸ˜€

I have a new hostee. πŸ˜› Pretty exciting. πŸ™‚

Though I wanted to come back to TCGs that I am a part of (I’m on hiatus), I don’t have the time to set it up. I know that once I set it up that it would be easy for me to keep up with, but I just don’t want to mess with it right now. Whenever I make up my decision, I’ll e-mail the owner. I think I am just going to leave and come back with a new user name. You know, start over. Especially since I don’t remember what cards I had and which I didn’t have.

I’m starting the SOTM contest, but I can’t start the others, so they will have to wait until December 1 to begin. ._.

You can vote for the November SOTM via the sidebar only once per day. It is multiple choice.

Tomorrow is when the voting for governor takes place. Well, for Texas, anyway. I need to register to vote, but I don’t know where or how to get started. I’ll look that up later. πŸ™‚

I just remembered something that caught my attention on Saturday – again and again and again. A lot of [teenage?] girls wore show-y Halloween costumes and Wal-Mart. Yesterday on the way to church I saw a woman (maybe a teenage girl) in a skimpy Halloween costume going into a church building. You know, those revealing bunny costumes with the black high heels, fishnet tights and other accessories…? I was appalled. It was church. Wouldn’t a wich costume have been much better?

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m more conservative than I should be compared to others my age?

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Hello! Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but your ad has been added and will run for 1 month ending on December 1st.. thank you!!

Were do you go to vote? I went to the page but the poll isn’t working. :/
Payless is not as cheap as some make it seem. There are some expensive stuff there.
The freaks come out to play on halloween lol. She might as well have been a hooker. Probably thought she looked good too.

Why do you hate Christmas?

Prices are indeed going up all the time. I still remember when it was easy to find a meal for under 5 dollars. And yeah… buying clothing is not that great. I’ve taken to sewing stuff up myself instead.

Yeah, there are lots of girls dressing up really really slutty for Halloween. Personally, I think it’s okay as long as they want to (and as long as they’re at least 18 I guess too, depending on what kind of thing they’re doing and who’s going to be there, etc.). I also agree that it’d be inappropriate in a Church, but if nobody complained, then I guess that it was okay.

Shoe shopping at wallmart? I’ve only bought shoes from supermarket stores, like that, once. They were some really pretty flats. After 3 months of wearing them they become some disgusting piles of fabric :/

Heh, skimpy dresses to church. That’s tame, compared to all these “sexy” Myspace poses on the toilet. Yes, I’m a born optimist. πŸ˜›

Ergh, tell me about it. I took my younger siblings out into town the other week and every 5 seconds it was “can we have this, can we have that, where are we going, why cant we do this, can we go in this shop, no I dont want to go in there, its not fair BLAH BLAH BLAH” seriously… it does wear you out. I felt like id ran a marathon by the time that day was over…
Seems its not only over here were things are inflating. I dont know if you have Primark over there do you? Anyway, I used to be able to get a skirt or something for a few quid, and now its like, double… :I Same with everywhere. EVEN CHOCOLATE! I remember when I used to buy a bar of chocolate when I was a kid a dairy milk was 0.35p. Now its like, 0.70… :I

Ergh, well dressy slutty is scary in itself so it suits halloween I guess. AHA. I just dont get it when people dress as bunnies etc… what does that have to do with halloween? :I

@Faye, I’m not really a chocolate fan, so I don’t know/keep up with the price of it. However, I do know that here it’s usually no more than one dollar. Now, it is one dollar with cents tagged onto it, and that is without TAX. πŸ™

What is Primark? I’ve never heard of it before, so maybe we don’t have it.

I don’t know what bunnies have to do with Halloween. I guess that they just want to be a bunny or something? LOL. Bunnies remind me too much of Easter or a school’s mascot. >.>

:O! Where Im at, payless shoes are like... 10~15 dollars each pair. And the shoes I buy... Vans are like 40 dollars :(!
I have never tried chickpeas before. But they sound interestingly interesting :P! Though.. I
m not much of a fan of potatoes. Unless its made really well and the flavor isn`t solid :P!

Good luck with your voting and politician choices :D! Hope they`ll win for the best of Texas!!

I don`t like it when people wear inappropriate attire for any events. :/. Like… Jeans to prom. Or so :O! Its… Uncontroversial. :/.

Why did you create so much?
YAY for the contest. I’m soo going to lose lol.
You didn’t have a button so i got one from atomic affiliations and added your link to it lol.

yea! Shopping with kids wears me out too haha And I am pratically a kid, well teenager, but you know lol And mhm chickpeas are alright. I am not a huge fan, though my mom always makes it in spanish rice. yum! lol Also mhm a lot of people are wearing skimpier halloween costumes. I do not get it! I seriously don’t. mhm I guess everyone wants to be sluts-ish. I don’t really enjoy seeing a girls boobs hang out. Especially when they wear them to school.

And thank you! lol mhm I hope we meet! It would be exciting. 3 years:D we keep in good contact via facebook, and texting lol. I really want a penpal. I wouldn’t count him as a penpal lol I mean we always talk lol

I live in Texas as well{born here} I used to love Denny’s but I .< } I don't think a girl can dress up w/o looking like a total slut anymore. I tried to find a cute, but at least appropriate costume. HA! Nowhere I looked had one that was long enough. Not even WalMart

@Shenae, I know. It’s like, where are all of the good costumes for the rest of us? Not that I dress up; I don’t go trick-or-treating anymore.

And it IS hard to find a costume that doesn’t make someone look all skanky or anything. They’re all really short. πŸ™ And I’m like … super conservative. πŸ™

We don’t celebrate Halloween here. But wearing that kind of gear to church is a bit inappropriate. By all means dress like that but if you’re showing too much skin… it’s not a good idea. It doesn’t look good when you’re going to church! 😐 Besides, I never understood that kind of Halloween costume.

We’ve only painted the outside of our house. And the window frames. It took forever and I remember my mum and dad were working on it while my brother and I watched. We were too young to help – only helped them by getting the newspaper to line the windows (so we wouldn’t paint on those).

We have Payless shoes here but I don’t buy my shoes there. They are expensive for quality that isn’t even good. I remember my friend had shoes that fell apart at school and someone said, “Chris, stop buying your shoes from K-mart” (a cheap-ish department store). Then he said “I bought them at Payless” which was really hilarious because people see it as a “cheap” store here.

I don’t mind creamed potatoes – usually I find them all creamed in certain salads. I first tried chickpeas a couple of years ago when my friend had some for lunch. I love them! Little did I know I’d like lima beans too, when I first tasted them. :B

Some people like chatting through comments but I get annoyed at it sometimes. I dislike it when my blog post just gets ignored. I make an effort to comment on the person’s blog all the time, but sometimes I don’t have much to say to their comment on my website… I don’t like repeating the same things when we both agree. πŸ˜›

I know some companies look up people on Facebook to see what their personality is like. Still, if they see a picture of you partying, they could get the wrong impression. I have a portfolio I show employers, but I don’t show them anything personal.

Hey that’s a really nice layout.
You cannot drink dairy milk? Cool.
I’ve never drank Soy milk so i don’t know how it costs.

I too hate revealing costumes, they seem so cheap!
I remember once in my school, at sports day, we had to wear a dress whose top was really short- and i was so fidgety, and so uncomfortable.
When i returned home it was such a relief to wear full clothes!

Nope. It’s not all THAT cool, though. πŸ™ Everything that requires milk and is made with milk? Yeah, I have a hard time eating and digesting. >:|

Soy milk is made from Soy Nuts … I’m sure. I highly doubt they would make milk from soy beans! :O EWWW.

I don’t think I would have worn the dress if it was too show-y, and I know that neither my mom nor my dad would have made me. πŸ™‚