Get to Know Me: A book tag

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“Get to Know Me” is a book tag by Jamie, who originated as a TCG buddy and joined the blogging world a year ago. 😁 She’s suuuuuper nice and comments back (*hint hint*).

Instead of me tagging people, if you want to do it, go for it. 😊

About me

  • Name: Liz
  • Birthday: March 20-something πŸ‘Œ
  • Eye color: Light brown
  • Hair color: Auburn chestnut (the red looks like highlights, but I haven’t gotten my hair done in years; I’ve Irish and Scottish ancestors)
  • Tattoos: Nada
  • Piercings: Ya no[1. Spanish for “not anymore”]


  • Eating/Drinking: Green grapes and water
  • Single or taken: Imaginarily taken (sauce)
  • Pets: I want another cat so, so bad. πŸ˜₯
  • Reading: Anne of Avonlea (#2)
  • Watching: Dragons: Race to the Edge (season 5)

My favorites

  • Color: Turquoise, dark grey, red
  • Hobbies: uh…I have a hard time naming hobbies tbh
  • Authors: Lois Duncan; I need to read more from the same authors, obviously πŸ˜…
  • Book genres: Dystopia, suspense/psychological thriller, crime, science fiction/fantasy, queer romance, historical romance, romance
  • Television: πŸ˜… I feel like I should just make a post of all the shows I watch tbh BECAUSE I LOVE TOO MANY and I WATCH EVERYTHING
  • Films: How to Train Your Dragon, The Way He Looks, Pixels, Below Her MouthPocahontas

Reading habits

  • Favorite place to read: my chair @ my desk, or in my bed
  • I can’t help reading ahead sometimes; other times I read the last few lines so I know what I’m getting myself into.
  • I prefer physical books, because I have to use a reader strip of sorts[2. It’s really just the white part of a cardboard bookmark; there’s no highlight thing. I just don’t know what else to call it, so.]; serif fonts are NOT my friend. Ebooks make that difficult and read longer, and it doesn’t help my lack of reading comprehension skills. I also take notes as I read (words/vocabulary, diction/imagery, etc.) to use as a reference when I write my own stories, and it’s not easy to reference ebooks.
  • Audiobooks: I’m hard-of-hearing and also don’t process verbal text as quickly as I do the written word. It’d be a complete waste of time because it’d inevitably require at least double the time.
  • Book boyfriends/girlfriends: Evelyn Hugo? Yeah, that’s weird. I’m smitten, though! Also Isabel, Jacob Black and/or Gilbert Blythe could totally get it if we did nothing more than cuddle, Alice Cullen, Octavia Blake, and KIZABEL. I need to read more diverse fiction, methinks, to make an adequate judgment call.

My future

  • Marriage: Would like to, but that depends on others, doesn’t it? πŸ˜’
  • Children: I keep thinking I want kids, and then I babysit others’ kids and think, “Omg, NO.” On the other hand, older kids need to be adopted, too. πŸ’β€
  • Career: Not telling ’til it happens, but also: novelist.
  • Where I want to live is a complicated question, agh. 😫

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Comments on this post

I’m glad I’m not the only person that’s not into audio books, people talk about how great they are all the time but… I have difficulty paying attention while listening to things, like conversations or audio, I have to make a genuine effort when I watch tv shows or movies (sort of why I don’t watch much of either even though I want to). So the idea of listening to a book on audio and potentially missing things, I don’t want to even think how many times I’d have to rewind to re listen to parts.

Also yay for adoption! I love kids, but as soon as my second one was out I went and got my surgery and had doctors try to talk me out of it multiple times because I’m so young. Nope, nah, I’m done, thanks.

You should definitely make a post about tv shows because I need more recs. o/ I am really bad at keeping up with television and feel overwhelmed with so many shows to choose from.

Since I moved to NYC, I’ve been a convert to eBooks, then to audiobooks, but when I’m going through mental fatigue, and having auditory processing issues, it really doesn’t work too well. And I keep on running across books I’m “reading” (via ebook or audiobook) that I’m like “wow I want to READ READ this in a book and underline/take notes but I can’t because it just exists in my phone! Alas.
I see babies in strollers on the streets and I’m like “baww this looks so nice.” And then I come home and kids are running up and down above my head and screeching at 12AM and I’m like “…eh…” Older Kids/Special Needs Adoption is definitely something I want to look into in the future… But in a far… far… future… I’m a kid myself atm. Lol.

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