i keep losing my voice. :|

So I’ll admit that I am listening to Britney’s new song right now. Womanizer? It seems as if she sings the same things throughout the entire song. Personally, I prefer Piece of Me. Seriously.

Anyways, I felt like writing, ranting, and blogging so I am. =)

How about I start out with how my day went? First of all, my high school does this Spirit Dress Up thing and today just so happened to be the day to “Dress Your Best”! What did I wear? My grey sweats that have a skull and say “ROCK” on my left leg along with a “BLACKOUT 2005 BEAT BELL” T-shirt. Let’s just say I could have dressed much better!

First period, Journalism: Hmm, I got to see the guy I like. That is deffinitely a plus! I think at least one person in there likes me…he like always stares at me. It is annoying. Anyways, I lost my voice toward the end of Journalism today.

[Now listening to So What by Pink]

Second period, Newspaper: We wrote columns today and received our story assignments. My voice was pretty much GONE. The end

Third period, Psychology: We watched some comedy stand up featuring Bill Cosby. HIL-AR-I-OUS. =P

lunch; voice back for a little bit, then it slowly began to fade again. 😐

Fourth period, Chemistry A: Presented projects, test, voice gone again.

Fifth period, TAKS Science: Movie over boring science stuff that will be on the TAKS test. Ew.

So, yeah. That is my day at school. My voice went away and came back all throughout the day.

Hm…what else is there to say?

Eh. Nothing, actually. Leave comments? Something. :] No need to be a livejournal member.<3

Oh! Actually, from one of my previous blogs, you can see that I was sick. I am not that sick anymore. :] I mean, it was horrib. Everyday after school, I would get home and have to blow my nose. Wednesday I started to cry during Journalism. Joe asked me if I felt okay and I shook my head no. Then, he was all like, “Is there anything I can do?” And I replied with a “no.” All I could think was “awwww” after he said “I’m sorry.” He seems really sweet. xP

Yeah, okay, so I am through now. I officially don’t know what else to write about now. ROFL. xD

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