#1 SillySays fan

Yesterday after walking away from the computer for a few hours, I checked my comments and received a rude awakening. Actually I wouldn’t really call it an “awakening” because I am not quite sure if that is the correct term. Anyway, this girl commented me saying how she has already “stole” all of my content and saved it to her computer. She claims that she will create a site entitled “Silly Says” and make it “better” and make everyone think that I am the fake.

Really? Seriously? First of all, I, Sarah Elizabeth Lawson, am Silly. I have been recognized by that name ever since about sixth or seventh grade and I am more than sure that no one will believe her. Second, how can she call me “fake” when I have had myspace.com/designer_beach ever since 2006? How can she call me fake when everything I make is copyrighted?

I suppose I will wish her good luck with whatever she does when she redistributes my material. My dad says I should just call her my number one fan and put a twist on it. I mean, I know she is jealous and that is the reason for her doing this, but what is the point in using the hate words?

I have reported her to MySpace for copyright infringement and cyberbullying. All I can do now is wait. As for my major update that I had planned this weekend, I will upload the color schemes sometime after this post and then make them available to all that wants to use them.

P.S. When cyber stalkers and bullies don’t understand “no” & an open letter to the 30+ woman who plagiarized and bullied me, then used my autism as an insult

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