A list of things bloggers shouldn’t talk about

There are a lot of unspoken rules about blogging, including when it comes to what you can supposedly blog about.

Examples include:

  • sex
  • politics
  • periods
  • sex toys
  • sex-positivity
Ovary concept art ft. bagels on blue
Photo by Dainis Graveris on SexualAlpha
  • providing the youth with condoms
  • alternatives to abstinence
  • first world problems
  • porn
  • boudoir
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • what our lives are REALLY LIKE, behind the beautiful photos façade (messy desk, piles of laundry, etc.)
  • vaginas
  • also don’t use the actual words for genitalia
  • don’t ever say genitalia
  • our relationships
  • current events/issues
  • things we dislike about where we live
  • money

But have you ever noticed the bloggers who do are more trusted, appreciated and valued?

Being ballsy has its charms.

So just do you, be you, blog you.

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I could never really see myself limiting what I want to say. I’ve never been that type of person. And to be honest, there have been plenty of people who have disliked me for it. But that matters very little to me.

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I guess it depends on how much reaction a blogger wants to trigger. Less “controversial” topics get less reaction and make for “quieter” times online. But every blogger is different, I don’t think there should be taboos as to what one should write about. If a reader is uncomfortable with something, they can always skip that post or look for something else to read.

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