Ugh, Mondays

On Valentine’s Day, my ex-boyfriend, Christopher came back. He texted me “Happy Valentine’s Day!” out of the blue. We had not talked in quite a long time, so I did not understand the point in texting me on that such day!

Anyway, we since then and until last night, we text messaged each other as if we were together again. He wanted me back, and I wanted him back. But how could I when I was too afraid that he would hurt me like so again? I mean, he broke up with me via Facebook. Seriously? THAT was a new one. I had never gotten dumped that way before. Not that I have been dumped many times, by the way. Only four.

And I have had about four boyfriends, but dated three of them twice.:P Not talking to him has yet to affect me. I guess it is because of the way it ended yeterday. >.<

I finally gave into If you would like to ask me anything, go for it at

I set my mom’s house key on one of her kitchen counters. Thank God she has at least two other copies, because now I cannot find it! I searched all over the place, and still: nothing!

By the way, check out Dex:

I watched the video at, and it made my day. 😀 I’ll blog more later. 🙂

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